Processing Laboratory and Water System Change Requests

Laboratories can submit requests to the primacy agency to add, edit and remove certain information found in their profiles. This information includes: 

  • Basic information about the laboratory 
  • Updates to certifications held by the laboratory 
  • Updates to laboratory contacts 

Water systems can also submit change requests to add, edit and remove: 

  • Basic information about the water system 
  • Changes in facilities and sampling points 

As the State CMDP Administrator (the only user role authorized to process laboratory and water system change requests), you can accept or reject these change requests. 

NOTE: If your primacy agency is using the Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) with SDWIS State, you must manually enter any approved change requests into SDWIS State. The DSE will automatically update any changes made to laboratory profiles CMDP during its next run. 


After logging into CMDP as the State CMDP Administrator, CMDP presents the CMDP Home Page showing the state dashboards: 

 The top section of the state dashboard lists submission jobs and their status. The bottom section of the state dashboard lists profile change requests. The type column in the profile change request shows indicates if the request is for a water system (PWS Profile) or a lab profile (Laboratory Profile). You can sort the columns by clicking on the appropriate column heading. For example, to sort by all profile change requests with pending status (profile requests pending a decision), click on the Status column, and the rows will sort into Accepted, Pending, and Rejected status. 

WARNING! Check the Change Working Organization dropdown box located in the left sidebar and verify that you are working with the correct primacy agency. The example above shows this user is working with the Utah primacy agency. Most State CMDP Administrators will work with a single primacy agency, but there may be situations where a user is assigned as a CMDP State Administrator for more than one primacy agency. If this applies to you, you can switch to a different primacy agency by clicking on the down arrow in the Change Working Directory drop down box and selecting the appropriate primacy agency. CMDP refreshes the State Dashboards to show information for the selected working organization. 


Click on the System Administration tab 

CMDP displays the Change Request Management page listing the change requests shown in the state dashboards.

HINT: You can also double click on a change request in the state dashboard. CMDP will open the Change Request Management page and highlight the change request you selected. 

Review the change request list. You can sort by any column by clicking on the column heading. Repeated clicking on a column heading will resort the column in ascending or descending order. 

HINT: The list shows all change requests received since the date your primacy agency went live on CMDP. If there were a lot of change requests submitted over time, the list could get quite long. To see the latest change requests, click on the Created On column heading to sort by latest to earliest date. 


Select the change request to review and then double-click.

This will open the change request. 

You can view, but cannot change, items shown in gray font. 


Update the status of the change request.

To change the status of the change request, select the appropriate status after clicking on the down arrow button to the right of the status column. 


To save the new status value, click on Refresh. 

WARNING! CMDP will not save your change unless you click Refresh.  

WARNING! CMDP allows you to change the status of previously processed change requests. For example, you can inadvertently change a previously rejected change request to pending. CMDP does not track the date of a status change. 


Update your compliance system 

Remember, CMDP does not automatically propagate accepted changes to your compliance system. You must manually update your compliance system using the information in the change request.

HINT: If you’ve accepted a change request, take a screenshot and share it with your coworker who will make the updates to your compliance system.


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