Creating and Submitting a Water System Profile Change Request

As a Water System CMDP Administrator, you can create and submit change requests to your drinking water primacy agency through CMDP. This assists your primacy agency with keeping its records up to date.

When you submit the change request, CMDP sets the status of your request to pending and your request appears in te dashboard of the primacy agency’s system administrator. The primacy agency will review your change request and accept or reject it. CMDP displays this decision on your dashboard.

You can submit a change request to add, edit and remove:

  • Basic information about the water system
  • Changes in facilities and sampling points
  • Changes in contact information

NOTE: The process for updating the primacy agency compliance system with your changes is not automatic and involves human intervention. Do not expect and immediate response to your change request as other primacy agency priorities may delay the update process.

After logging into CMDP as the State CMDP Administrator, you are presented with the Home Page showing the water system dashboards:

The left sidebar of the home tab contains a drop down box where you can change your working organization (water system, in this example). Below the working organization drop down is another drop down list and download button where you can select and download a Microsoft Excel template to entering samples data disconnected from CMDP.

HINT: The Change Working Organization dropdown box is unnecessary for submitting a change request – you can ignore it.

The main part of the home tab contains the four water system dashboards. Starting clockwise from the My Water Systems:

My Water Systems – lists the water systems that you are authorized to access in CMDP as the PWS CMDP Administrator. In the example here, the user is the PWS CMDP Administrator for Milford City Water System only. If you are the PWS System Administrator for more than one water system, they will be listed in the My Water Systems dashboard.

Profile Change Request (Submitted to State) – This dashboard shows all of the change requests submitted by the PWS CMDP Administrators for the Milford City Water System. These could have been created by you or, if there is more than one PWS System Administrator for the Milford City Water System in CMDP, by those users. In the display show, there are two pending change requests, meaning the primacy agency has not yet reviewed them.

HINT: You can tell who created a change request because CMDP tracks change requests by user ID. For example, we’re using the user ID EPA PWSAdmin. The two change requests shown in the Profile Change Request dashboard show the creator as “EPA PWSAdmin”, meaning that we created these change requests.

Submissions to State – this dashboard shows the status of jobs submitted to the primacy agency by a certifier. In this case, we haven’t submitted any samples jobs to the primacy agency.

My Work in Progress – this dashboard shows all of the sample jobs currently underway. For each job, the dashboard shows the user ID of the individual who created each job and the status of the job (which is Draft with Preparer or Reviewed).

Step 1

Select the water system that you want to submit a change request from the My Water Systems quadrant of the Water Systems Dashboard. Double click to open the Water System profile for the selected water system. I this example, the PWS CMDP Administrator has access to only one water system - Milford City.

This opens the water system profile below:

The Water System Profile tab consists of a sidebar and a panel. The sidebar contains links to the water system profile and to the change request list.

Step 2

Review the water system profile information. Note that profile information is divided into four areas:

  • Basic Information
  • Other Contacts
  • Facilities
  • Sampling Points

HINT: Click on a facility row to see its associated sampling points. The example screenshot above shows sampling point WS001 for facility WS001 well.

Step 3

Enter a change request first by clicking on the Change Request link in the sidebar. CMDP displays the Change Request panel, as shown below. Note that this example shows two change requests entered earlier that the primacy agency hasn’t acted upon (as indicated by the pending status).

Click on +Add to enter the change request information:


 CMDP opens a new line in the Change Request panel. You can only add data to the profile modules, action, and description columns as described below:

Profile Modules - from the dropdown list, select: Basic Information, Other Contacts, Facilities, or Sampling Points corresponding to the sections in the water system profile panel.

Action - from the dropdown list, select: Add, Remove or Edit, corresponding to the action you would like the primacy agency to take regarding the change.

Description - Provide a short, concise description of the change.

Click Refresh to save your change request.

HINT: Selecting another row in the change request list will also save the new change request. Clicking on refresh reorders the change request placing the request just entered at the top of the list (list is resorted in created on date order, latest to earliest).

HINT: Over time, if there’s been a lot of changes, the change request list could get quite long. While you can sort by the Created Date column to show the most recent change requests at the top of the list, you can also cleanup the list by removing older entries. To remove a change request, check the box in the far left corner on the row of the change request you would like to remove and click on Remove. CMDP removes the change request from the list.

WARNING! CMDP immediately removes the change request from the list. The system does not give you the option of cancelling the removal.

WARNING! CMDP will remove pending change requests. This is how to cancel a pending change request that hasn't been acted upon by the primacy agency, if that is your intention.

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