DSE Setup Guide for Oracle and SQL Server Databases -- war file, cypher tool, tomcat, DSE config, jar files, instructions to update env variables

Updated on 8/12/2020 

The new WAR file and the cypher tool (JAR) are interdependent. You must implement the cypher tool to implement the new WAR file..  The current dseWebAdmin.war file is provided through this link as it exceeds the file limit for Zendesk.  We are looking for additional options to have this file available to primacy agencies. Scroll down to the bottom of the article for the remaining required files.   


Starting with CMDP 1.19 - CY19R7, the DSE version number is displayed on the DSE war file and on the dse_app.log file. Users do not have to remove the version number on the DSE war file before installing the new version. In the DSE log file, the version number is displayed as soon as DSE starts to initialize.

Please refer to the screenshots below for more details.









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