How can a primacy agency first review and decide to accept a submittal from a lab or PWS before the data actually goes into SDWIS-State (i.e. a mechanism to avoid corruption of our database)?

The primacy agency does not 'decide' to accept submissions or not.

The reporting organization (i.e., lab or PWS) submits the job to the primacy agency. After that occurs, no modifications to the submittal are possible. It is important, therefore, that after the Preparer for the lab or PWS submits the data through CMDP, that the Reviewer, and then the Certifier for that lab or PWS, both review the data with a keen eye. Primacy agency users only have read-only access to Jobs that have been certified and submitted by a lab or PWS.

To ensure good data quality, the CMDP has five kinds of data validations built into the application. In addition, for SDWIS-State users, the Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) produces an XML file that is placed in their XML Sampling folder. At that point, their existing reporting process is utilized, and their current XML Sampling and SDWIS-State data validations will apply, to help ensure valid results are in the primacy agency database.

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