Viewing Job Submissions & Sample Detail

State/Primacy agencies may view job submissions and sample data submitted by public water systems and laboratories.  However, as a State/Primacy Administrator, you cannot change information for samples or job submissions.

View Job Overview

After you login, you will see your homepage, which includes a dashboard specific to your “role” as a state CMDP Administrator.


First notice the top dashboard, which is entitled Submissions Received. This dashboard lists Jobs that were submitted by laboratories and water systems.

View Sample Detail

You may view each Job submission, including each sample in each Job, if desired, but you cannot make any modifications. You may also download a copy of the sample data submitted. To do so, click on the desired Job row in the dashboard, then click on the Job Maintenance View tab. From here, check the box at the left of the Job and click on the "Download Samples" button (see below). Save the downloaded file (an HTML Document) to complete the task.


In addition, you may want to review the Federal Reporting Validation Results for a Job. You may do that by clicking on the Job row in the dashboard and then clicking on the Validations sub-tab on the subsequent Job Summary View tab (see below). Based on this information, you may want to contact the submitter to discuss validation issues.


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