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Getting Started With the CMDP

Welcome to the Compliance Data Monitoring Portal (CMDP) Help Center.  The purpose of the CMDP Help Center is to provide documentation and system support for the CMDP application. The Help Center is also a resource to help guide primacy agencies through the process of transitioning to the CMDP.    Points of Contact are listed below as well.  General information and updates are in the Announcements section.  The first document to assist primacy agency users[1] in the transition process is the CMDP Transition Flowchart.  This document serves as the key for the process of transitioning to the CMDP and directs the user to additional references at the points in the process they are necessary.

Submitting Requests Through the Help Center

The Help Center is also the primary way that the CMDP Team may be contacted.  Communicating through the Help Center helps ensure that questions relayed to the team are effectively circulated to the appropriate person and answers can ultimately be captured in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section so that other primacy agencies with similar questions may also benefit.  It also helps keep metrics so that the CMDP Team can be aware of where greater communication is warranted.

The CMDP Team aims to respond to process related questions within one business day.  Technical questions will be acknowledged within one business day. However, response times to technical questions, due to their nature and varying complexity, are subject to available technical resources.

When submitting a request please provide as much contextual information as possible, to assist in resolution. 


The CMDP Team looks forward to working with each primacy agency in transitioning to the CMDP.  If there are any questions or comments, please let the team know via the CMDP Help Center or send an email to

The following people are available to assist with answering process questions and will serve as your primacy agencies’ liaison through the transitioning process:

Brianna Knoppow (Region 1-3) –

Trang Le (Region 4-7) –

Deric Teasley (Region 8-10) –

[1] Lab or water system users should contact their corresponding primacy agency to obtain detailed instructions for CMDP transition.


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