How do I add multiple analytes to the same sample?

In the Microbiological and Chemicals/Radionuclides templates, it is possible to include multiple analytes and their corresponding results, in the same sample (and thus the same Sample ID). This is done by adding each analyte/result in an additional row and leaving blank the corresponding Sample ID cells so the additional analyte/results can be added as part of the same Sample ID.

For example, in Figure 1, Sample ID 9999 includes results for three different analytes: 4020,4030, and 4109. The three analytes were collected at the same sampling point, date, and time. The Sample ID is only listed once, and the two cells below it are left blank.

Figure 1



Alternatively, in Figure 2, the user may add each result in a separate row and leave blank the Sample Information columns (Sample ID through Comment). Both the Figure 2 method and the Figure 1 method are acceptable and will not result in validation errors.

Figure 2


Excel templates with example data are available for download..

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