Will CMDP allow me to upload data to the state even though it contains errors?

If invalid data are entered for any row (sample result) in the template, that row will not be added to the CMDP database when uploading the XML file, and the error will appear in the Data Validation Report.

Thus if you do submit to the primacy agency a Sample Job with this error, the row containing the error will be excluded. That is why EPA recommends that another person in CMDP review the Validations tab (for example, the Certifier might review the Validations after the Reviewer, and might notice that there are Validation errors, which indicates the file should not be submitted to the state.).

Instead of immediately submitting to the state, we recommend clicking Remove to remove the XML from CMDP so there is no confusion about what data made it and what didn’t make it. Then just resubmit a new XML with all correct data. 

Or, continue to work with the Sample Job containing records that don’t need corrections, and submit a new XML file that contains only the records that need to be corrected.


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