CMDP Quick Start Guide

10/10/2019 - EPA published "CMDP Adoption Process Overview for Primacy Agency v2.0" that replaces the information below. 


For New Primacy Agency Users


  • Primacy agencies in need of technical support for their CMDP implementation should contact the CMDP Team, which will provide details about the EPA’s CMDP implementation support contract.


  • For each set of CMDP environments (Pre-Production and Production) users need to first obtain credentials in the applicable SCS environment before accessing the CMDP environment.
  • As noted in the steps below, the Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) provides two-way data exchange between CMDP and SDWIS State. The DSE is designed to support only those primacy agencies that are using SDWIS State and XML Sampling.   A primacy agency that does not use SDWIS State and XML Sampling will need to develop functionality which is an equivalent to both applications before taking Step 3 below.
  • Any primacy agency that wishes to use CMDP Production to receive official compliance samples electronically signed by laboratories and PWSs must have an EPA-approved CROMERR application. EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI) has determined that if your primacy agency has an existing Attorney General (AG) certification on file, OEI will consider that AG certification to be applicable to CMDP, and the primacy agency only needs to complete and submit the CMDP cover sheet available at:  The cover sheet should be e-mailed to

    Shirley Miller of OEI (, 202-566-2908).  If your primacy agency does not have an AG certification on file, it must obtain an AG certification to use CMDP Production.  For more details on AG certification and how to apply for CROMERR approval to use CMDP, please visit the OEI CROMERR website at:

Adoption Process:

Step 1 – Review State Data using Data Quality Checklist  

Use the Checklist to Migrate State Data to CMDP to ensure that the Inventory (PWS) and Legal Entity (Lab) data in your SDWIS State database are correct and to minimize the number of errors that occur when the DSE migrates data into CMDP. The Checklist is available in the CMDP Help Center, at:, in “For Primacy Agencies.”

Step 2 – Provide Information to CMDP Team

Provide the official primacy agency name (e.g., Oregon Health Authority) and mailing address to the CMDP Team.  This information will be used by EPA to create an SCS Partner ID number in SCS for the primacy agency. The team may be contacted via email or via ‘Submit a request,’ at:

Step 3 – Configure DSE in SDWIS State Test Environment and Load Organization Data into CMDP Pre-Production and SCS Test Database [1]

Install the DSE WAR file from the CMDP Help Desk ( in the SDWIS/State Test environment.  As described in the DSE Setup Guide and in DSE Changes for Pre-Production, the DSE has a “first pull date” flag that will allow a primacy agency database administrator to either pull all PWS and Lab Profile data from SDWIS/State (Option 1), or pull only the most recently changed PWS and Lab Profile data from SDWIS State (Option 2).

In either case, the DSE will pull the Profile data from SDWIS State and populate CMDP with either all (Option 1) or a subset (Option 2) of the water systems and laboratory data. CMDP will in turn ensure that lab and water system Organizations are updated in SCS. Option 2 can be used if the primacy agency only wants to load a specific number of PWSs and labs into the CMDP Pre-Production environment for testing.

To exercise Option 2, a primacy agency database administrator will have to set the “first pull date” to migrate records with a “last update” that is after (greater than) the date of DSE installation, and then individually update in its primacy agency database each record to be migrated.  After DSE installation, the DSE will detect only the recently changed records and load them into CMDP Pre-Production.

Once a Primacy Agency has:

a. Organizations loaded in both SCS Test and CMDP Pre-Production,
b. DSE installed in SDWIS State Test environment,
c. Confirmed that the DSE configuration is working as desired, e.g. toggling the full migration vs. incremental refresh, and adjusting the CRON job setting with different frequencies.

then the primacy agency is ready to start training and testing with submitters using SCS Test, CMDP Pre-Production, and the primacy agency test environment.

Step 4. Begin Using CMDP Pre-Production Environment


  • All users must:

           a. Obtain credentials in SCS Test using the CMDP Role Registration User Guide available in the CMDP Help Center Once obtained, users don't need to login to SCS each time (but they can for other tasks, such as searching for CORs, updating passwords, etc.)

           b. Access CMDP Pre-Production using those credentials

  • Jobs submitted to primacy agencies in CMDP Pre-Production will be sent to the primacy agency’s test compliance system (e.g. SDWIS State). For SDWIS State users, the test Sample Jobs will be placed in the XML Sampling folder as determined during DSE set-up.

Step 5 – Begin Using CMDP Production Environment


Once all testing in the SCS Test and CMDP Pre-Production environments is complete, users will follow Steps 1-3 above, but in the corresponding SCS Production and CMDP Production environments, and with one critical exception:  the database administrator should ensure that the “first pull date” is set up to pull all PWS and laboratory data from SDWIS State, because this DSE is being installed in the primacy agency’s production environment.  The Primacy Agency may now request that labs and utilities submit official compliance Sample Jobs in CMDP.

[1] A non-SDWIS State user would follow the same steps as a SDWIS State user, but use functionality equivalent to the CMDP DSE and XML Sampling.

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