System Requirements and Qualifications for Laboratories and Water Systems

Workstation System Requirements

The Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) is a web-based application delivered through your web browser. You will need the latest version of Internet Explorer (9 and above), Firefox, or Chrome. (Please note that CMDP has not been tested for compatibility with the Microsoft Edge browser). A screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is recommended. 

Reportable Data

Laboratories and water systems can report these samples/sample results and operational data to their Primacy Agency using CMDP:

  • Samples/Sample Results type data
    • Microbial
    • Chemical
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Composite
  • Operational type data
    • CFE Turbidity
    • IFE Turbidity
    • Chlorine Chloramine Entering Distribution System 
    • Chlorine Chloramine in Distribution System 
    • Trihalomethane (THHM) and Haloacetic Acids (HAA5)
    • Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite 
    • Lead and Copper Rule Water Quality Parameters 
    • Total Organic Carbon
    • Ozone Treatment (Bromate) 

Data Reporting Methods

CMDP supports three methods of reporting data by using:

  • Online data entry screens available on the CMDP web site
  • Using Microsoft Excel workbook templates (one for samples/sample results data, another for operational data). You download the necessary Excel template from CMDP, enter data into the Excel workbook, and convert the workbook into a file format that you upload to CMDP as a samples job.
  • For samples/results data only, using the CMDP Representation State Transfer Application Programming Interface (ReST API) to create samples jobs in CMDP directly from your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Detailed instructions for using each of these methods are available from this help center.

Human Resource Requirements

At the minimum, your laboratory or water system should designate at least two people as CMDP administrators - one as your primary administrator, the second as a backup. CMDP system administrators can add new users and assign roles (preparer, reviewer and certifier) to the users. In addition, by default, CMDP system administrators can perform all of the preparer, reviewer and certifier tasks in the submission and certification process. If you represent a small lab or water system, a single user with the CMDP system administrator role can do all of the CMDP tasks. If you represent a larger laboratory or water system, you may want to divide the work (i.e., separation of duties) by assigning roles to specific users.

If your laboratory decides to use the ReST API (described above) to create samples jobs directly in CMDP, you may need assistance from your Information Technology (IT) or LIMS vendor.


There are several items to be aware of regarding CMDP:

Reporting to multiple primacy agencies - Laboratories reporting samples/results data to two or more primacy agencies for their customers should be aware of the following:

  • In CMDP, before creating a samples job, you first select the primacy agency that will receive the job from a drop down list. Make sure that you select the correct primacy agency! Selecting the incorrect agency will delay reporting and could result in a reporting violation.
  • If you are trying to submit a samples job to a primacy agency that does not appear on the drop down list noted above, you must contact the missing primacy agency state contact. If the primacy agency is using CMDP (and not all do), the state contact will work with you to enable submission. You can find the list of primacy agency CMDP points of contact in this article. This list is kept up to date, so primacy agencies not appearing on the list are not using CMDP.

Excel workbook templates – The Microsoft Excel workbook templates (for operational and samples/results data entry) were developed using Office 15 for Windows. They may not work properly if you are using an older version or the Macintosh version of Office. In addition, the workbook template uses a macro to generate the XML files for uploading (as a samples job) to CMDP. Some organizations may prohibit using macros in Excel workbooks. Check with your IT support if you have issues running the macro.


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