Can a public water system (PWS) that is not a certified laboratory register and submit data through CMDP?

A PWS can submit operational data (found in Monthly Operating Reports, or "MOR") to their primacy agency using CMDP. In addition, a PWS user may submit requests to change their profile data - a "change request" - (such as changes in water system name and administrative contact information) and to facilities (new facilities, new sampling point IDs, etc.).

Additionally, the PWS may submit the data (using its own credentials) as long as the Sample Job indicates the lab that performed the analysis, using the field “Laboratory ID-Name”.

Separately the state will confirm outside of the CMDP that the lab is certified to perform the analysis of the samples until a future time when the CMDP can support lab certification data. All of the data normally required of a lab submitting via CMDP must be included in the submittal to the primacy agency. The primacy agency may also choose to request that the PWS provide a scanned copy of the paper form sent by the lab to the PWS, to independently confirm.

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