CMDP Release Notes for (CY19R5 - 1.17) For Pre-Production + DSE Update


10/10/2019 Update: We may need to update our release notes with a known bug on one item in the release notes - allowing for multi-select of Sample jobs to move to "certified and submitted to state" status. 


Attached are the CMDP Release Notes for CY19R5-1.17 as well as the Method / Analyte Pairings Supplemental.  These documents include the enhancements and fixes made to the CMDP in release 1.17.

 NOTE:  Excel template users please download latest updated Excel template directly from the CMDP application (

NOTE 2:  This post includes an updated Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) for the CMDP version 1.17 and should be installed in your Pre-production environment only.

The DSE has been updated and should be installed in your Pre-production environment for the CMDP CY19R5-1.17 Release.  This is posted here as at this time, as the Production DSE should not be updated until this CMDP release has been deployed to Production.  The instructions are the same as located (, with the exception of the dseWebAdmin.war file, located here.


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