CMDP Release Notes (CY19R5 - 1.17) for Production + DSE Update


EPA will be promoting CY19 Release 5 (CY19R5-1.17) of the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal to the Production environment ( on 10/29/2019 after 9:00pm EST. 

Attached are the CMDP Release Notes for CY19R5-1.17 as well as the Method / Analyte Pairings Supplemental.  These documents include the enhancements and fixes made to the CMDP in release 5 - 1.17.

NOTE:  Excel template users please download latest updated Excel template directly from the CMDP application (

NOTE 2:  This release includes an updated Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) for the CMDP version 1.17 and should be installed in your Production environment.  Instructions for installing the DSE are located at (


Improvements in this Release include: 

Web Form – Chem/Rads and Composites

Added validations to the Result and Result Unit of Measure fields on the Web Forms for Chem/Rads and Composites. When users report a chem/rad and composites analyte is reported as Not Detected=False, the application enforces the following validations:

  • Result is required when Not Detected is unchecked, indicating that the analyte has been detected.
  • Result must be greater than zero when Not Detected is unchecked.
  • Result UOM is required when Not Detected is unchecked.


Web Form – Microbial and Cryptosporidium

Updated the Count field on the Web Forms for Microbial and Cryptosporidium Sample Results to allow decimals. Users may now enter a maximum of 10 digits to the left of the decimal and a maximum of 5 decimal places, i.e. 9999999999.99999.

Updated the Web Form for Microbial Samples to allow users to select an Original Sample ID from a different Water System.


Search Individual Samples

Added two search criteria to the Individual Sample Search. Users may now search samples by Analytical Method and Analysis Start Date.


Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) 

Fixed an issue error with the XML file for Repeat Samples in which the application was processing original before repeats and triggered samples.


For full list of improvements and known issues, please see CMDP Production Release Notes CY19R5 – 1.17.






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