Unable to Migrate CMDP Operational Data into SDWIS State

5/26/2020 - DSE 1.22 

Currently there is an issue when trying to migrate Operational Data from CMDP into SDWIS State. When SDWIS XMLSampling attempts to process the <jobOpsamples_(job_id).xml> file placed into the XMLSampling inbox by the DSE, it will fail. No record of the attempt will be displayed in the XMLSampling job list.  

This issue prevents the ability to migrate the following MDBP Summaries into SDWIS State from CMDP: 

  • 95PT - Combined Filter Effluent 95% Turbidity
  • MAXT - Combined Filter Effluent Maximum Turbidity
  • EPRD - Entry Point Residual Disinfectant Concentration
  • DSRD - Distribution Residual Disinfectant Concentration
  • MRDL - Chlorine/Chloramine Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level
  • IFT - Individual Filter Effluent Turbidity

The XMLSampling log will have the following error:

at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(
at com.xmlsampling.main.JobHandler.validateandUpload(
2020-05-21 12:46:13,981 DEBUG [com.xmlsampling.main.JobHandler] -
New Job Created :0



Currently there is no workaround.  This has been identified as a bug and has been added to the CMDP backlog for prioritization.


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