Insufficient Permissions Error Due to Lab and Water System Name Changes in SDWIS State 


Problem: Lab and Water System name changes in SDWIS State will impact users permissions in Shared CROMERR Service, which may result in an unsuccessful CMDP log-in by the impacted lab/water system users. The following issue applies to all environments where the Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) is run to synchronize data between SDWIS State/Shared CROMERR Services (SCS)/CMDP on a pre-determined schedule.

Each time the SDWIS to CMDP (S2C) process in the DSE is run, it checks for inventory and legal entity updates from SDWIS State. These changes include changes to: Water System, Water System Facilities, Sampling Points, Laboratories, and Administrative Contact Legal Entity records for Water Systems and Laboratories. If a name change is detected, this will kick-off a process that results in the deactivation of the previous organization (former name) in SCS and the creation/activation of a new SCS organization with the new name. CMDP will update the lab name and the SCS ID associated with the lab record in the CMDP database.  At this point, any user previously registered to the old SCS organization will need to register with the new organization created in SCS.  Once the user has completed registration with the newly created organization in SCS, all previous sample jobs and submissions will still be accessible to the user.

For additional context, in SCS, an organization name change requires a new Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) to ensure the information on the Copy of Record for each certified job submission is correct. 

For example, as a Primacy Agency CMDP Administrator, you receive samples data from Acme Lab Incorporated. You have been notified that Acme Lab Incorporated has been purchased by Sample Master Solutions and the name of the lab needs to be updated. You update the name of the lab in SDWIS State and modify/update "Acme Lab Incorporated" to "Sample Master Solutions".  The next time the DSE runs, after this name change, it will recognize that a name change has been made and via web service calls, communicate this change to SCS, and this will trigger SCS to deactivate the "Acme Lab Incorporated" organization and create a new organization, Sample Master Solutions.

If the lab and water system users are not aware of this series of events, the next time they try to login to CMDP, they will receive an "insufficient permissions" error and will not be able to login. Why does this happen? Because the user's account is now associated with an inactive organization, Acme Lab Incorporated, and the user account is not associated with the new (active) organization, Sample Master Solutions. The user's SCS account must be associated to an active organization, and in this case, the new organization, before they are able to login successfully in CMDP.

The CMDP team is working closely with the SCS team to identify potential solutions to address this.

In the meantime, we recommend (for labs and water systems with registered users in SCS): 

  • Primacy Agency Admins need to notify impacted users and EPA BEFORE you make a lab/water system name change in SDWIS State.
  • Primacy Agency Admins need to notify impacted users and EPA AFTER you make a lab/water system name change in SDWIS State.

CMDP users, if you believe you have been impacted by an organization name change and are experiencing errors with CMDP login, please submit a user support ticket.

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