CMDP 1.24 - CY20R4 Pre-Production Release Notes - Posted July 30, 2020

Enhancements and fixes made to CMDP in release 1.24 in the CMDP Pre-Production environment are listed below.


  • Excel template users, please refer to the sections on Fixes and Known Issues below for specific details on updates to the CMDP templates and to Appendix A for information on the version numbers for the templates.
  • The Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) was updated with this version.  The current version of the DSE is 1.23.

The Pre-Production DSE War file and DSE Installation Setup Wizard is located at the link below and only available at this time for the Pre-Production environment.  The DSE Installation page will be updated after the CMDP 1.24 release is promoted to Production after August 11, 2020.


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